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Posted by cruisemaniac on November 27, 2006

Picture this:

  1. One huge collection of geeks and entrepreneurs under a roof
  2. An array of topics
  3. Coffee, grub and wi-fi
  4. Complete technical chaos (read discussions).

The perfect recipe for the way we all should talk technology… This in short , my friends, is called a BarCamp. And wats more…. It’s happening on Dec 2-3 in Namma ooru, Bengalooru!!!! 😀

I’m kind of a whole lot excited to get there for a plethora of reasons…

  1. It ‘s my first barcamp!!!!
  2. I cant wait to listen to some of those sessions: WiMAX, AJAX, Web 2.0, RAD Web Development, and a whole lot more.
  3. CodeJam!!!! Lets see wat happens there…
  4. I’ve also decided to speak up on some pressing issues I have with the Indian Mapping Scenario vis-a-vis the American / British scenarios currently… Tat would mean Google Maps!!!!! I want some solutions, suggestions, and the likes… We need better maps for India… This would be my touch point there in my talk… If I do get to own the stage… Tat is!!!!

The registration for Barcamp Bangalore is happening @ Check it out… Be there… And as they say…



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Posted by cruisemaniac on September 29, 2006

Asus A8j...

Tats Mine!!! 😀

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