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The Cruise is on…

Posted by cruisemaniac on December 8, 2006

Hiya everyone… The Cruisemaniac’s blog has moved on from wordpress hosted servers onto my private space on a server.  Kinda felt like the need to my own domain and webspace so that I would perhaps tryout some of my crazy ideas that I keep getting now and then… Lets see how my investment returns to me!!! 😀  Please make note of the new blog URL:

The Cruise is on…


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It’s my LIFE!!!

Posted by cruisemaniac on October 17, 2006

Life is definitely about living it in absolute top gear… So much happens in the blink of an eye… It’s now 45 official days since i joined Sasken. Well, a lot has been happening here… Training!, first of all… And lots of that… C++, Clearcase, UML & OOAD… and lots more… Dunno what they did most of the time… I was sleeping though… with my eyes open ofcourse. Been involved in a lot of initiatives with my Guru, Mr. Ajay Nyamati and our gang of late. Guru hasn’t given me the rights to talk about this in public as of yet… But yeah… this is beautiful thinking and amazing conceptualization by Ajay.

I’m yet to do Parasailing with NisargaIndia. I’ve been given free passes by Ajay and Karthik in lieu of some work I do with them. But as usual, there is a *conditions apply clause attached with it.

The conditions:

“I cant parasail alone. I have to bring my girlfriend along”. Bah!!! Ajay!!!! X-(. My girlfriend is aftaid of heights!!! She’s just 5’2″. Lets see what happens regarding this.

What am I doing @ Sasken? Preparing for an interview with Infineon as of now. And my friends put forward this question with so much of an unassuming composure and awe: “Ashwin, U just joined Sasken one month back, Shifting jobs so soon?????“. And my answer: Nope, I’m not shifting jobs as yet. ‘m attending Client Interviews. Infineon doesnt trust me as yet and are seeing if I’m worth it!!! :-p

On other lines, I got my broadband connection credits and loads of thanx to my Landlady for having me share hers. Getting broadband in the Silicon Valley of the nation is an impossible task! Believe me. I’ll blog on this separately… And yeah… It’s airtel broadband @ 128kbps. As of now, it hasnt crashed down on me… I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this as of now!!

With Diwali just around the corner, Me’s leaving for chennai this thursday nite… B4 which I do have a plan to meet up with my gud old buddy, ‘OOSI’ (Tats tamil for ‘needle’) a.k.a. Vijay Balakrishnan who’s flying into B’lore to catch a bus to Madurai!!!

Bwah… India, Diwali, Ppl, life, blog… Where has my passion gone??? Nope… Googling dint work here!!! Tats wat happens when u read Efficient C++ Programming Techniques by Doy Bulka and David Mathew for 8 hrs a day for a continuous 4 days!!! I dunno anything abt the book… If u want more info, google it up!

So much for the post!!!

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Life moves on… No more TechM

Posted by cruisemaniac on August 14, 2006

Once someone said, “The moment you have done something really good for an organization, you have to move…”

I seriously take this statement to move on…  from my first job or stint in the IT industry to the next.  I’ve been relieved from the services of Tech Mahindra Ltd., Pune as of 11th August, 2006.

And I’m joining Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd., on the 4th of September, 2006.  Now, tats a kewl 3 weeks of vacation…

The best part of the new job… I’ll be based out of Bangalore…  Tats a kewl 6 hrs of end-to-end travel to and from chennai…  Dad and mom are pretty elated at the new job offer… Big pay, bigger savings, and best of all…  “Close to home”

As i type, i have one more week of pune life left with me…  The Law College Road, Barista, pune central, pyramid, Koregaon park, sheesha, Soul…  the list is indefinite.  Lets see what bangalore and sasken hold for me in the days to come…

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Things in my life!!!

Posted by cruisemaniac on July 15, 2006

Life goes on… One door closes… and another opens… One path diverges into many and then… You take one of them…

And I shall always continue to say this… Take the one less travelled… And hence, leave a path that others may follow…

Life has definitely been going good for me…

Lot’s of things happening around the time that i’vent blogged about… Been 3 months already…. This shows signs of my brain rusting out… Which i’m determined to not let happen!!!

In the lots of things happening that i’vent blogged around these take highest priority:

1. Had my first stint at Project Management!!!! Yaaaay!!!!!
Got a chance to lead my team of 3 Devs and 4 Testers through an Application Acceptance Testing Project from Motorola… Whew… It was the most amazing experience in the 1 year that i’ve worked… Understanding the application, Knowledge Transfer to the Team, Co-ordinating with the client… Weekly status update calls with the some of the Senior-most ppl @ Motorola!!! Lots of action… An amazing learning curve for me in the overall project life-cycle… 😀

2. The most amazing project that i was working on – Alcatel Seamless mobility Solution. Out of the world technology. It gave our team a chance to hit the technology for the next generation…

This project got killed… Yep… In the true sense of the word. Alcatel said that they dint want us to continue with work… and issued a Statement of “Stoppage of Work”.

3. My brother got into an Engg. College… Got his dream of becoming an “Automobile Engineer”… It all depends on how he takes it forward from here on… As responsible guardians, dad, mom and I have done our part in setting the wheels rolling… Gearing up and driving forward is his job now!!!

4. Got into another amazing project which is again some really cutting edge technology. Another Motorola project which is on DVB-H(Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds). Tomorrow’s technology leveraging on today’s existing network / broadcast infrastructure… Out of the world stuff once again!!!

5. Lots of other things brewing up… Which I cant currently open up, citing reasons of confidentiality of information and absence of clarity of information.

Let’s see what more I can blog about the next time I get time for…

Life is hectic… But, WTF!!! It’s life… U cant sit still and think of accomplishment… And here I quote William Hazlitt:

“Men of genius do not excel in any profession because they labor in it, but they labor in it because they excel.”

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(( litefeeds )) mobile RSS

Posted by cruisemaniac on May 10, 2006

It works! Read feeds and post to your blog while mobile.

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First Demo….

Posted by cruisemaniac on May 3, 2006

Definitely a red letter day in my life….

The first demo of our project is going halfway across the globe into Ericsson, Germany…

Why am i blogging about this??? Well… This is the first set of code / applicationss that i’ve written for my Company (Tech Mahindra Ltd.) that’s seeing daylight…

I’m realllllly happy about this… The Application in itself was one of our teams and my personal achievements because i’ve had to sit thru every phase of the SDLC (for the dodo’s, it’s the Software Development Life Cycle)…

I also got to write a substantial amount of code for the application… Sans the UI, i’ve been involved in writing the code for the two core engines used in this aplication…

Symbian has been my latest playground for the last 10 months at Tech Mahindra… And it’s really nice to have been able to code efficiently on this programming language…

Symbian is called the programmer’s nightmare… For reasons of it’s own… It’s complexity and constraints upon the users is enough to rattle the toughest of coders…

Well, I’m happy today!!!
This goes out to my team… Congrats guys…. We did this….

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NewLC, TInt, TDesC…..

Posted by cruisemaniac on February 21, 2006

These are probably the terms that I’ve been working on for the last 6-7 months at Tech Mahindra Ltd. Yeah!!! Note this ppl… My company has a new identity: Tech Mahindra Ltd.. Anyways, coming back to the topic of the post…. The above mentioned terms are some of the most important in a very long list of all important terms a Symbian developer needs to know.

One thing that symbian was able to do to me was completely hook me on to this out of the world operating system / development platform… Man.. Believe me when I say this… Nex Gen technology starts here….

I dunno how people came up with this OS, but it seriously has us stunned everytime me and veeraj (Oh… He’s my teammate…) make a build and run it on our test devices…

So long for this post… Nice start eh!!!!!

chao ppl….

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Posting from the Tech Mahindra Devcenter… Pune

Posted by cruisemaniac on February 20, 2006

I’m alive people… I’m still alive… For all those who thought that this blog was dead…. Nope it isnt…I just 4got abt it… Tats wat’s de problem:D… Neways.. I Promise to keep blogging continuously atleast from now on…..

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Me Blogged!!!

Posted by cruisemaniac on August 12, 2005

Ages since i’ve seen this page, logged in and even blogged… What a time i’ve been having… Tests… Training… Tests… Study… Too hectic people.. I mean it… Way too hectic…

It’s just too much of a strain training @ MBT… But then… When the dough does flow in.. U need to work right…

I dont have much to post although there are so very many happenings that have taken places in my heart… Like for ex.. My mom’s coming down to pune tomorrow… Meeting mom after 2 whole months is in itself a big incident…

My dearest pal’s Rahul and Aswin Kumar have left for de US of A to pursue their MS programmes…

God be with u guys…

Lots of ppl have joined their dream companies…

God be with u all ppl…

Till the next post…

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Post from pune

Posted by cruisemaniac on June 18, 2005

This post comes from my mobile. Go moblogs!

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