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YBangalore – Aashish Solanki

Posted by cruisemaniac on December 3, 2006

Designer for and 

The concept is to get community networking to make your life simpler.  The site helps you find people who have information to help those who dont.  It helps you in looking at things and take help for things like how to pay your taxes, find houses, how to get issues resolved when you dont know where to go and whom to approach…

It’s a platform for all bangaloreans where you can voice your thoughts and opinions.

The speaker stresses on two things:

1. Members gallery, Upload anything anytime.  The site also has classifieds, post things.  THey dont take money for it.  The guys want to make sure that ppl of the city are aware of what is happening in THEIR OWN CITY….

The site is up for the last one month, they’re open to suggestions on things as to what they can improve.  They also have plans of raising money through Associate Branding and Ad chains where the owners try to ensure that the user is at no point annoyed because of the ads.

They have a secret concept called see2get which is coming down in the pipe…

They also have plans to introduce Live Radio Broadcasting and things liks that… Blogs and Wiki and Podcasting are also in the pipe….

The speaker stressed that the site will remain a non-profit oriented entity.

How Important is a USER in WEB 2.0?

Unless the user likes the content and the presentation, he wouldnt come back.

What are the factors affecting the user:

  • Agility and attention
  • Usability and Interaction
  • Freshness and Quality
  • Ads or nuisance?

Web 2.0 is not just social networking, socializing and things like this… It has more dimensions to this.  Their groups concept of medical cards is based on the other vivid dimensions in the technology where they intend to take medicards over the internet. The motto being webize everything.

The perspectives of WEB 2.0:

  • The GUI perspective
  • The Functionality Perspective
  • The Response perspective
  • The Developer perspective

All 4 above points are interrelated with more or less the same and distinct priorities, and it would mandate that the sites are successful in the web2.0 scenario, it would usually have a succesful mix of all 4.


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