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RadioVerve – Independent Internet Radio

Posted by cruisemaniac on December 3, 2006

Speaker: Shreyas. – RadioVeRVe

Started by 3 guys who liked the local college rock songs.  THey collected mp3’s from all the bands around the country.  But this dint click… So they went on to create infinity radio and then turned into radioverve which is 24×7 and broadcasts indian music.  They recorded shows, scanned them and streamed them on the net.

Point A of the session: They were not web 2.0.

Point B of the session: The intention is to give musicians a platform to express themselves through their music.

They have about 10000 customers per month.  There are many rock bands which now play hindi coz they dont have the visible audience to listen to their songs.  Radioverve helps them by giving their music over the net and thus reaching a larger audience.

The point is to build a community around independent indian music.  They have plans to publish a channel which plays folk music that is not publicly popularised.  This is going online and would perhaps make the lives of the musicians their much needed limelight and fame.  This would be done through recordings already done and get it from sourcers who have taken the trouble of recording the music.


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