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P2p Information Services – Kallol Borah

Posted by cruisemaniac on December 2, 2006

This guy runs a small business networks company called Aumega Networks in London…  Guys passionate about new technology and building systems out of the latest stuff…  Projects with Toshiba and Honeywell occurred where they had to develop enterprise level prp information services….  The presentaion is about p2p web services….


  1. What is p2p? WHat qualifies as a web services
  2. se cases
  3. Requirements for programming p2p services
  4. programming concepts
  5. snapshots
  6. how can you contribute…

Analysis of the architecture of different p2p networks on the classification of topologies….  It depends on how fast you want to find a peer on a network…

  • Zoho, Flickr, Pandora, Youtube are publish and subscribe web services… where it’s all centralised… where it’s not all that good bearing the complications and the trouble you gotta take….

What problems do p2p + webservices solve?

  • It’s fast….  Happens coz there is the p2p connectivity….
  • Extend webservices beyond the web… Every peer becomes a publisher of it’s content…. and also the subscriber to other peers that have content wanted by the peer…
  • Access services while you work online… Auto-update for eg.

Technology issues with p2p services

  • Service discovery and subscription
  • coping with multiple networks – must be able to find out peers over an overlay network
  • Message routing – find the shortest rout to a peer
  • NAT and Firewall traversals – get through firewalls, hole punching of NATS using TCP and UDP.
  • Transactions – how to know the remote service availability and operations ( Logging )
  • Security – You know what it means 😛

These guys have developed an intermediate network layer which handles the p2p networking stuff… which has apis that the guys can use.

How do you program a p2p service?

  • With Indus
    • Programmin toolkit for p2p services
    • complete backend services – discovery, remote service, subscription, rout3ers, tx managers, nat traversal, etc…
    • customisable routers, listeners and adapters,
    • Integrated bev server to handle both desktop and thin client requests
  • Architecture of indus explained – I dont have the image… I’ll try to get the ppt from the man 😉
  • indus is a syntactic and semantic layer over the java vm. (K E W L!!!) B-)

Indus network Architecture

  • Multiple networks can simultaneously co-exist

There was then a technical explanation of how the system is engineered…  The system does look kind of neat u know…  Their threading mark looks good… No more notify() and notifyAll() for threading models!!! Yaay!!!  The SDK is free to use…

Tats session 2!!!!


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